Re-visioning poultry

Re-visioning poultry.

Flox uses advanced machine vision technology to bring better visibility and performance to the high-welfare broiler industry.


1 / Flox-cam - more than CCTV

We stitch together images from multiple cameras - securely streamed to office monitors and smartphones on your farm.


2 / Flox-Box - the edge processing box

Your Flox-Box powers all your services - containing a super-powered artificial intelligence processor.


3 / Flox-alert - actionable insights for your team

Our system applies algorithms to the images coming out of your shed to help you track things like smothering or bird activity.

We send you alerts - day and night - so you can take action before you lose money.

We can share insights with your supply chain partners to improve welfare transparency and help with planning.


Real-time vision

See inside your shed night and day - watch your flock without disturbing them.

Video for demonstration purposes only.

Video for demonstration purposes only.



Monitor clustering and poultry activity - improve your flock’s welfare.

Video for demonstration purposes only.

Video for demonstration purposes only.


Track Weights

Get a bell-curve of weights - work towards an industry-leading FCR.

Video for demonstration purposes only.

Video for demonstration purposes only.




Image Stitching

Value Proposition

Real-time moitoring
Clustering and activity

Hockburn & Pododermititis
FCR optimisation


Our company

Backed by Andrew Maunder and award-winning poultry farmers. As a Post Urban venture we’re built by world-class AI and cybersecurity talent.



Our camera feeds don’t leave your farm - unless you want them to. We use a LAN only hardware firewall without public internet access and TLS encryption.


Our technology

Groundbreaking AI and machine vision technology - built by top techies alongside farmers.


Gives you value

Our system improves your FCR, lets your team focus on other farm tasks and watches your flock even at 3am at night - in pitch darkness.


As seen


FLOX opens OVUM 2019 Latin American Poultry Congress

The Latin American Poultry Congress (OVUM 2019) gathered over 3,000 leaders in poultry from around the world. Our CEO Imtiaz Shams spoke after the keynote about machine vision and innovation in the poultry sector, followed by a panel discussion with leaders in the agritech space. Three exciting, yet busy, days have come to an end.


FLOX joins European Space Agency acceleration programme

We're extremely excited that Thrive (now Flox) joined the European Space Agency accelerator programme - a funded programme to support our work in artificial intelligence, robotics and advanced sensors.


"Flox offers a powerful suite of tools that allows us see what's in our sheds in a manner not possible with conventional technology. As welfare transparency becomes more important to the sector, it allows us track and predict if we're doing a good job."

– Stuart Cole - (CEO)Menchine Farms Standard and free-range poultry, Devon, England


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